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released November 10, 2015

All songs (except where noted) written by Andrew Rinehart © 2015 RInehart Songs (ASCAP). Album recorded and mixed by Kevin Ratterman at La La Land studios in Louisville, KY. Produced by Andrew Rinehart and Kevin Ratterman. Mastered by Roger Seibel for SAE Mastering. String arrangements by the musicians. Recordings © and ℗ 2015 Rinehart Media under exclusive license to Buddyhead Records. Design concept by Andrew Rinehart. Photography by Tigran Tovmasian. Layout mechanics by Tim Ofcacek & Michael Powell.

Thank you thank you thank you:
Cheyenne Mize, Drew English, Matt Filip, Ross Kimberlin, Jake Reber, Drew Osborne, Scott Carney, Jamey See Tai, Sazi Thomas, Ryan Davis, James Ardery, Joel Myers, Samantha Urbani, Nikki Shapiro, Sharif Dumani, Scott Moore, Nina Tarr, Sharif Dumani, Elena Flores, Jessica Espeleta, Nicholas Schneider, Tammy Hirata, Kevin Ratterman, & Travis Keller. |



all rights reserved


Andrew Rinehart Louisville, Kentucky

Andrew Rinehart is the latest moniker from Louisville, KY born artist Andrew Sellers.

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Track Name: ((Nothing))
(( ))
Track Name: Nude Descending A Staircase
Nude Descending A Staircase
How you threaten me with your good taste
It's been around and around in my head
But I still can't understand what you said

I've been around the world
I've been in every museum there is
The Met, The Tate, The Louvre and all the little ones in between
I've been in the same room with the Mona fucking Lisa

But Nude Descending A Staircase
How you threaten me with your good taste

I've been around the world
And no one's ever humiliated me like you

Now you're sitting there with your freshly bought new dog
Strangely enough you kind of remind me of your Mom
You buy your companionship
Ooh it's so cute and it never gives you any lip

But now that we're both comfortable
Let's play a nice game of charades
I've got a good one it's a movie
It's three words

And it stars a fat Orson Welles

F (is) for Fake

I saw it in some video store in the East Village
A big old fat Orson Welles on the cover
And that's what it seems like you are to me with this new guy that you're with

Nude Descending A Staircase
How you threaten me with your good taste
Track Name: God Made You And The Devil Made Me
I don't know what I've been told
They say you never slow down
You never grow old
Or so I'm told
By my man Petty

And I don't know just what you read
But if your heart can't beat you're dead
Or so you said
As you ran out crying

Well I don't care what you think's best
I'll take my life and times in jest
And leave the rest
Cuz it's all bullshit

Love may make the world go round
But I can't be tied I can't be bound
Lost nor found
Just like my man Dylan

But now everywhere I go I swear I can't be found I can't be known
Or left alone
Without damage

And everywhere I lay my head I'll be that same old trail of dead
Bathed in red
Tucked under my covers

Cuz every day I'm waking up I fill my mind my head my cup
With our old love
And all our old stories

And every night I lay in bed
I see you there you're in my head
Not quite dead
Yeah but you're not living

But don't wait up you do your thing
I'll meet you once I become King
Of everything
Yeah every last corner

And if and when I change my mind
I hope you won't think me unkind
When I resign
Hook line and sinker

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

God made hell and the devil made heaven


God made you and the devil made me

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
God made hell and the devil made heaven
So 10 & 11 could meet 12 & 13

God made you and the devil made me
So all could see both the whole and the empty
Track Name: Growing Pain [Yoko Ono]
I'm a battleship
Frozen by my Mother's anger
Anchored in the North Pole Sea

I'm a Sphinx
Stamped on a Hilton postcard
Hoping to see the Desert

I'm a woman
Without country or state
Opening her head
To the universe

A hundred thousand
People in me
Every day
They're growing
Every day
They're feeling

He's an infant
Blinded by his Mother's sorrow
Crawling in the bleeding sky

He's a building
Floating on spring air
Hoping to open his windows

He's a man
Bound by earth's soil
Reaching his hands to the universe

A hundred thousand
People in me
Every day
They're growing
Every day
They're feeling

Growing Pain
Growing Joy

Growing Pain
Growing Joy

Growing together

Reaching each other
Track Name: You Can't Break My Heart (Pretty People Make Graves)
Pretty girls make cold graves
Yeah baby Jack said it best
Pretty girls'll make you their slave
Til' you ain't got nuthin' left

Pretty girls'll walk on your heart
With their pretty high heel shoes
Pretty girls'll break you, and fake you, mistake you
Just for fun

You can't break my heart
Because it's already broke(n)

And pretty boys will drive u insane
And guess what you're paying for the gas
Pretty boys will say you're to blame
When they're a pain in the ass

Pretty boys will do what they want
And not give a fuck or a dime
And you will thank the Lord for every minute
Of their time

You can't break my heart
Because it's already broke(n)

O yes I find it annoying
Yea that's tru
But I'm not walking away
I'm only saying it's hard when I meet some
New beautiful girl every day
I'm trying to hold it all in my head
But I swear it's fucking scrambling my brain

But oh how I love the pain

How I love the pain
Track Name: I Just Want You To Be My Girl
What do you say
I think we'd work out ok
But do you agreé

And please
Don't treat me like the police
I'm only here to enforce the peace
Or to bless your name at least

I don't know what you had in mind
But I can sure tell you what's in mine
I'm thinking Franzia boxed wine

And just in case that don't impress
I'm sending packages by express
A million smokes and a brand new dress

But wait
What's that now u say
Oh you have a fiancé
Well that's not okay

And yeah it's true
Here's what you're gonna do
You're gonna tell that boy to shoo
That's right
Adios mon ami

And yeah I know your man's a fox
I just hope he knows how to box
Cuz I'm comin' right for him

I really don't know what else to say
But that I wish he would go away
Cuz I just want for you to be my girl

Now I'm not saying there is a God
But if there is it sure did its job
Cuz it led me right to you

Oh you prefer that we call it fate
Well hey that's totally a-ok
But I gotta say I think it's all the same

Either way it's you me and everything

But hold it right there stop
I know I seem kinda odd
And no I don't really have a job
But give me a second now here me out

Cuz I can tell that you
Have been feeling a little blue
This boy you're with he ain't got a clue
And now you're wondering what you should do
Just come with me it's easy as 1 2 3

And no I don't even know your name
But I can tell that you feel the same
I can see it in your big cracked smile

So don't be shy or afraid to show
Cuz you and me we both know
That I want for you to be my girl

No don't be shy or afraid to show
What the whole world already knows

I just want for you to be my girl
Track Name: Famous Blue Raincoat [Leonard Cohen]
It's four in the morning the end of December
I'm writing you now just to see if you're better
New York is cold but I like where I'm living
There's music on Clinton Street all through the evening

And I hear that you're building your little house deep in the desert
You're living for nothing now
I hope you're keeping some kind of record

Yes and Jane came by with a lock of your hair
She said that you gave it to her
That night that you planned to go clear
Did you ever go clear?

The last time we saw you you looked so much older
Your famous blue raincoat was torn at the shoulder
You'd been to the station to meet every train there
And you came home without Lili Marlene

And you treated my woman to a flake of your life
And when she came back
She was nobody's wife

Well I see you there with the rose in your teeth
One more thin gypsy thief
Well I see Jane's awake --

She sends her regards

And what can I tell you my brother my killer
What can I possibly say?
I guess that I miss you I guess I forgive you
I'm glad you stood in my way

If you ever come by here for Jane or for me
Your enemy is sleeping and his woman is free

Yes and thanks for the trouble you took from her eyes
I thought it was there for good
So I never tried

And Jane came by with a lock of your hair
She said that you gave it to her
That night that you planned to go clear --

Did you ever go clear?
Track Name: Gone To Hell
Shout down and post around
What you gonna say
Sobered up and falling down
Every other day

Yeah I've seen you be nice before
So I'm never coming back
Cuz twice told I fell into
Your famous Manipulation trap

It's gone to hell

Tongue tied with alcohol
You're all turned around
In bed with Nembutal
To leave without a sound

You would "kill all the redneck fags"
And "put them in the ground"
Blithe piss and vinegar is the
Recipe you found

It's gone To Hell

But this time things will be different
You say

Narcissize suicide
There's no coming back
Cult vibes and diatribes
You say we're right on track

But you're not even a person anymore
You're just a parasitic sap
And twice told I fell into
Your famous manipulation trap

It's gone to hell

You say that all that anger you once had
It has gone away

That your mind's been fixed
And you're on to better days

This time things will be different
You say

Big smiles and promises
Oil spills and Ebola scares

You don't know what you're asking for
When you're wising up this late

It's dark times for your comeback kid
And that's the least that I can say

It's gone to hell
Track Name: Stepping Out Of The World
This time I'll see
What I'll only one day find out
And no it's not in the sun
It's not in the sea

It's not in the sea

And so I'll guide myself
Right into quiet lightly
And find exactly what I need
Coming into me

It's coming right into me

But once I'm outside
I'll never come back finally
I'll make a fool of what I've seen

Of what it really means

Of what it really means
Track Name: Doin' What We Have To Do
Everywhere I go I swear I'm comin' in from out the rain
More like everywhere you go you find a reason to complain
Well even if that's true babe that ain't no way to show your love
For the man you've made of me and the moon and stars that shine above

I'm just doin' what I have to do
Not unlike you

Soon enough I'm sure we'll all have cellphones in our brains
Spewin' out opinions and driving everyone insane
And all that's left of the real world will be locked up in some museum
Where we'll take our kids on Sundays to show 'em a place they've never been

I'm just sayin' what I have to say
You never listen anyway

Besides now --
You don't know how it feels to be out walking in my shoes
So don't you dare go judgin' me and my blues
Or I'll get high and mighty too
Yeah all on you

There you go you're right on cue now I'm supposed to say
"Oh I'm so sorry babe can I come and kiss it all away"
Well don't you sweet talk me babe cuz I'm a-wantin' to be mad
Oh hush yer mouth you big ol' wuss or I'll call your Mom and Dad


We're just doin' what we have to do
Not unlike you

Every time we do this dance it turns out just the same
Why don't we spare ourselves the headache and proclaim
We're equally insane
And both to blame

Well that's alright by me you know I'd rather have a better day
Well that's the ticket babe that's what I was just just about to say
Well here we are we're without a fight whatever shall we do
Let's you and me go and climb a tree or whatever

Just don't be rude

We're just doin' what we have to do
Not unlike you
Track Name: I Don't Know Why
You came around and you took the palm of my hand and you cried
You asked me how come I never come no around no more

I don't know why I don't know why no I don't know why

You said come on let's go down to the river so we can skip stones
I said alright but first you go and put on your white dress
So we left and went over to your Momma's place
There we found your Daddy drunk he was passed right out
And I saw he had a big old scorpion tattooed on his neck
And you said that's from when his first girlfriend left him for his best friend

And we walked down by the river side and we talked while we walked
I asked you will you take my hand and marry me
You looked away and you turned your back then you said okay

We laid down right underneath the old Sycamore tree
And we made love and you drew blood and you wiped some on my cheek
And you said how come you waited so long to ask me for my hand

Well I don't know why no I don't no why

Baby no one knows why
Track Name: This Time I'll Try (I Guess)
This time I'll try
To take control of my life
I'll get up out of bed
Knock this confusion from my head
Why can't I be half as free as I wanna be
As I know I should be

Then the next day I'll fly so high up into the sky
I'll swear I can't be beat
And run a fucking marathon on no sleep
Why can't I hold on to this cloud nine I get on when I stay up til dawn
I swear it's always long gone the next day
When I go to turn it back on

I gotta refill my cup
And it's never ending
But I'm in love with you I'm in love with you
Can't you see it's impending
And it will be neither doom nor gloom
More likely you will swoon
And invite me up into your room
We'll be glowing like the moon
As I enter your womb
Oh whoops is it too soon to say such things
Ok yeah I'm sorry
Can I come back another day

So the next day I'll cry
So hard I nearly lose my mind
I'll straight up wish that I was dead
And wonder why I even got out of bed
And then it's one more drink and I'm done
Mississippi God Damn there's nothing under the sun
And we're all staring at a gun
So we might as well yeah
Try and have some fun

Won't you give me a chance
Just once perchance to sleep or to dream
Laying by your side
Cuz I don't want to be alive
Unless you are there and I can play with your hair
And place it softly over and behind your pretty little ear
Year after year we ain't got nothing to fear
No we ain't got nothing to fear
Oh yeah because

I can't tell how I know or what yeah it means
We were just meant to be
So naturally

So maybe this time I'll try
To take control of my life
I'll get up out of bed
Knock this confusion from my head
Cuz I don't wanna be sad

I don't wanna be sad

:( --> :)
Track Name: Take Time
There ain't no running
From all that's surely coming
There ain't no ecaping
What's there and at your door
So don't waste time wishing
On things that can't be helped now
On a fate you may be wanting
But that ain't yours and that's for sure

Take time
For making peace
With all that has happened
And all that ever will

Cuz you'll surely be hurting
In a world this strange and open
That cares no one way
Or another for a thing
Yes but only for what happens
What goes on and what's unfolding
What you hate love and long for
To the world it's all the same

Take Time
To lay to rest
All that has hurt you
And all that surely will

Take time
And make your peace
With all that has happened
And all that never will

For thine is the kingdom
Track Name: Nothing Means Anything
I stand in the sun and look up
I see the moon there like a little tin cup
I walk to the store and see a couple fighting
I think to myself love looks so inviting

I get a call from my baby brother
And get ready for another disappointment
Cuz in my mind I've already decided
He's a selfish deriding fool
So I pick up the phone and that's exactly what I get
I decide that I was right and this I'll never let him forget
But the only truth that really is there
Is that I decided it would be that way
So who's surprised

Nothing means anything
Except for what you make it

My Mother gets mad and yells at me on the phone
And that's why I'd rather just be alone
But again the only thing that really is there
Is that from what happened I got really scared
I thought well I've got to protect myself
I've got to worry about maintaining my health
So maybe I'm never gonna take no people's calls no more
And at best I'm gonna build some kind of wall around my heart so it will never again be sore

But this is all just meaning I have added
It gives me something that I am addicted to
Meanwhile I've lost my brother my mother and my self
It's cost me my happiness my love and my health

Nothing means anything
Except for what you make it

Nothing means anything
And that means you're free to do anything

So go outside or don't
Do you see a difference cuz I certainly don't
Is there a God above well we don't know
If you choose there to be well then there you go

Cuz we're not on this planet Earth for too long
You might as well fill your heart and soul with a song
Of love and help and health and joyfulness and laughter
Cuz that's all this skin and bones really is after

So go outside or don't
Is there any difference oh no no no

Cuz nothing means anything and that means nothing

And that means you're free to do anything
Track Name: ((Everything))
(( ))